Our values

Our values

We at Würfel think and act on the basis of uniform values shared throughout the company. You can take us at our word! We view our employees as a very special asset:

We at Würfel know what we have in our colleagues. We hugely appreciate our employees in all functions and all positions. We make no difference here. When it comes to the crunch, we are there for one another, and we are keen to ensure that each and every one of us in the “Würfel family” feels at home. This feeling is the foundation for our motivation and for the pleasure we take in our work. (See also: “Teamwork and employee satisfaction”)

Health and safety
We create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in all areas of the company. Any hazards in the workplace are analysed and reduced to a minimum through suitable safety measures.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection is a high priority in all our processes. We are committed – beyond what is required by law and compliance with rules and regulations – to improving our corporate environmental protection systematically and on an ongoing basis.

Customer satisfaction
Our daily work is focused clearly on the customer. Our thoughts and actions are derived from our customers’ wishes and requirements. We know that the survival of our company, and therefore of our jobs, ultimately depends on our customers, which makes their satisfaction our absolute top priority. Part of this includes promptly informing the customer about any incidents, ensuring that agreements and arrangements are adhered to, keeping our promises absolutely, and processing customer enquiries and any complaints without delay.

Teamwork and employee satisfaction
Each and every one of us contributes to ensuring that we deliver superior performance within the scope of our tasks and activities. We are only strong as a team, which makes motivation and employee satisfaction one of the primary tasks of all our managers. In practical terms, this means the correct induction of new employees, involving our employees in projects and finding solutions to problems, fostering a spirit of cooperation among ourselves, and promoting training and continuous professional development.

Building and technical equipment
Our buildings and our technical equipment are always maintained in top condition and are treated by our employees with great care. As with our employees, they are the best advertisement for our company.

System partner selection
We only work together with system partners who share our quality aspirations. All system partners are subject to an evaluation. The system partners we engage are taken under obligation to use technically faultless equipment at all times, and they regularly undergo surveys and controls to this end.

Zero-defect philosophy
All mistakes can be avoided. If a mistake is made, however, the reasons for it are clarified with a view to ensuring that there is no repeat, which will take us closer to our zero-defect objective.

Resource efficiency
We implement targeted measures to conserve resources, minimise emissions and avoid or recycle waste.