The Würfel Group

The Würfel Group

Würfel is so much more than Würfel. Our group also comprises forwarders and logistics service providers which you would not necessarily associate with us at first glance.

Member companies of the Würfel Group:

Spetra Berlin - Spedition & Logistik Berlin GmbH
Spetra organises groupage consignments, partial loads and full loads, along with international transport, as well as warehouse and cool chain logistics.

Garant Spedition und Logistik GmbH
Garant Spedition & Logistik is a joint venture between Würfel Spedition and Wackler Spedition & Logistik.

Würfel-Massong Logistik GmbH
Würfel-Massong Logistik GmbH focuses on contract logistics for customers from industry and trade.

Lemförder Logistik GmbH
As a specialist for process-optimised in-house logistics, Lemförder Logistik GmbH finds solutions to challenges across the supply chain.

As a logistics service provider, LOREL operates the Plant Consolidation Center (PCC) in close proximity to the factory of an automotive manufacturer in Bremen.

Würfel Automotive GmbH
Würfel Automotive GmbH combines all the activities of the Würfel Group in the field of automotive logistics.