Würfel Consulting


Our consultants have long track records in developing, optimising and restructuring logistics centres. There is virtually nothing that we have not experienced ourselves in the field of logistics. Against this backdrop, our Würfel experts offer you holistic logistics concepts paired with competent support in the following areas:

  • Process analyses, process design.
    We take examine your processes and develop new ideas together with you for the future.
  • Warehouse planning
    Planning of warehouse layouts, logistics, technology, processes, IT, buildings and personnel.
  • Forklift management
    We maximise the deployment of your forklift fleet and identify current requirements for you.
  • IT concepts and consultancy
    Not only goods but also data need to be available in the right place at the right time.
  • Project launch, execution and support on site
    Our specialists are available to support you with their advice during the term of the project (and thereafter).
  • Benchmarking
    We analyse your results and processes and benchmark them.
  • Special automotive solutions
    Benefit from our long-standing experience in the field of automotive logistics.