Strategic realignment

Würfel Group sells its jumbo swap body business to Westfalia Intralog

Strategic milestone – stronger focus on contract logistics – Westfalia Intralog takes over Würfel Spedition with almost 60 trucks and 1,000 swap bodies


The Würfel Group intends to focus even more strongly on the contract logistics business in the future and, in this context, has sold Würfel Spedition to Herford-based Westfalia Intralog GmbH, effective 1 January 2022. Westfalia Intralog GmbH takes over the workforce, almost 60 trucks and 1,000 swap bodies. The Würfel Group remains in the transport business through its subsidiaries Spetra Berlin, Garant Spedition und Logistik, along with Würfel-Massong Logistik, and continues to operate its own fleet of more than 200 trucks in total.

By selling its jumbo swap body operations, Würfel Holding is accelerating the company’s strategic realignment towards focusing more strongly on contract logistics. “We will continue to invest in contract logistics and we are pleased that we were able to pass on our jumbo swap body business to high-performer Westfalia Intralog GmbH whose philosophy sits well with the values of Würfel Spedition,” says Karim Gebara, Managing Director of Würfel Holding. He went on to comment that Westfalia Intralog has been “a long-standing player in the market with high quality standards and a strong emphasis on optimal support, ongoing development, safety and service” and, this being the case, that “the employees and customers are in good hands”.

Logistics is one of the areas of Würfel Holding’s business which has been expanding particularly rapidly for some years now. A growing number of customers from industry and trade are discovering the advantages of outsourcing part of their production and shipment processes to a flexible and customer-centric logistics partner. The range of services covers all aspects of logistics, from bulk goods through to small just-in-sequence sets. At 17 locations, the Würfel Group provides extensive services aimed at optimising complex logistics chains.

Despite the difficult procurement situation in the construction sector, Würfel has already made investments worth millions in additional warehouses in Bremen and Damme. In addition, a new contract logistics project for the automotive sector is currently under way in Cologne with 80 employees and storage space of around 10,000 square metres.

The portfolio ranges from procurement through to production and distribution and on to after sales. Along with the automotive industry, Würfel has extensive know-how in the food, trading and paper sectors.